Cottonmouth Kennels

"The Future of Rabbit Hatin' Champions"

 Cottonmouth Kennels is located in Lexington, Virginia and is owned and ran by Shane Seaman. This kennel is proudly the home of 2015's North Mountain Beagle Club's Hound of the Year/ 2016 East Eliminator Champion, "LPRCH GRHBCH CH Cottonmouth's Ragin' Cajun Ruger", 2016's North Mountain Beagle Club's Hound of the Year/ 2014 UKC East Eliminator Champion "GRHBCH CH CK's Hare Raisin' Whiskey", and 2016's North Mountain Beagle Clubs Hound of the Year (Runner-up)/ 3rd place winner at the 2015 East Eliminator "HBCH Ck's BlackBerry Moonshine".  We specialize in hard hunting, run to catch AKC, UKC, and NKC beagles.  Our kennel consists of Northway, Superdog, Primetime, Branko, Maravic, Striker, and many of the others (what I've named being the closest).  I video a lot of my runs and hunts so check in and watch the dogs do what they were bred and made to do.  If interested in to breeding to one of my males use the contact form to contact me and i will get back to you.  Also if interested in a dog or puppy that is for sale use the contact form as well.  If no dogs are for sale in the "Dogs for Sale" page then we have no dogs for sale and there is no point in filling out a contact form until there is one there.

Thanks hope you enjoy the site,
Shane Seaman 
(Cottonmouth Kennels)

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